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Test multiple gene mutations (SNPs) to assess you the sensibility and tolerance to alcohol, lactose, caffeine and gluten.


1, Celiac Disease Gluten sensitivity

Celiac disease is a severe form of gluten intolerance and it is found to affect 1% of the population. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is a mild form of gluten intolerance. we test rs2187668 and rs7454108 two SNPs to assess your Gluten sensitivity


2, Lactose intolerance

People with lactose intolerance are unable to fully digest lactose in milk. As a result, they have diarrhea, gas and bloating after eating or drinking dairy products. we test rs4988235, rs41380347, rs182549, rs41525747 and rs145946881 five SNPs to assess your Lactose intolerance


3, Alcohol tolerance

Alcohol intolerance can cause uncomfortable reactions after you drink alcohol and your body done not have enzyme to break down the alcohol efficiently. we test rs1693482, rs1229984 and rs671  three SNPs to assess your Alcohol tolerance


4, Caffeine metabolism

Caffeine is primarily metabolised in the liver by cytochrome P450 enzymes. The enzyme responsible for metabolism of caffeine is coded for by the gene CYP1A2. The variability of CYP1A2 activity influences the digestion of caffeine. We test rs2069514 and rs762551 two SNPs to assess your Caffeine metabolism.

DNA Test for Gluten, Lactose Intolerance, Alcohol, Caffeine Metabolism

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  • If you cancel your test before our kit is shipped. You can get 100% refund. If you cancel your test after our kit is shipped, but we have not received your collected sample, you can get 50% refund. If you cancel your test after we have received your collected sample, you can not get refund. Once we have received your sample, the sample has entered the test precedure.

  • Results of the test are issued in 3 to 5 days following the receipt of the samples at our laboratory.

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