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Single nucleotide polymorphisms, frequently called SNPs, are the most common type of genetic variation among people. Most SNPs have no effect on health or development. Some SNPs may slow or fasten an individual’s metabolism to certain drugs, to environmental factors such as toxins, and risk of developing particular diseases. SNPs can also be used to track the inheritance of disease genes within families.


If you are interested in testing any SNPs for any reasons. You can purchase this test kit, send us Genes name and SNPs name or SNP's rs number. We will design and test these SNPs. Your results will be available in 5 to 10 business days.


example: Gene name: HFE, SNP name: C282Y

                   Gene name: HFE, SNP name: H63D

                   Gene name: MTHFR, SNP name C677T

or rs number example: rs53578, rs333, rs1799971

Custom DNA SNP (Point Mutation) Test (1 to 3 SNPs)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If you cancel your test before we have received. You can get 100% refund. If you cancel your test after we have received your collected sample, you can not get refund. Once we have received your sample, the sample has entered the test precedure.

  • Results of the test are issued in 1 to 3 days following the receipt of the samples at our laboratory. 

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