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  • When cousins' parents or aunts/uncles are not available, a cousin DNA test can be chosen to determine their relations. The cousin DNA test is not as conclusive a parentage test or an Aunt and Uncle test.


  • Our laboratory calculates their kinship index value based on the genetic profiles of putative cousins.


  • Kinship index value is >10, support for relationship
  • Kinship index value is < 0.1, no support for relationship
  • Kinship index value is between 0.1 and 10, inconclusive for relationship


  • Once you order your tests, we will send you a DNA collection kit which contains all the necessary material for the collection and instructions. Please sign the consent form, collect your DNA sample and send sample back to our lab.


  • If any sample's test fails to get valid data, we can provide you 2nd test for free. You only pay the shipping for re-collection kit

Cousin DNA Test (two cousins)

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