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If you were wondering whether you are really siblings, sibling DNA test may give you a answer. If you want to get conclusive results, DNA paternity or maternity test always can provide. When the alleged parents are not available for testing, a sibling DNA test can be a good choice


In our sibling DNA test, we calculate kinship index value basd on both siblings' DNA profile we get in our test.


Kinship index value is >10, support for relationship

Kinship index value is < 0.1, no support for relationship

Kinship index value is between 0.1 and 10, inconclusive for relationship


When two siblings are tested, the test results  show you that you are most likely to be full siblings, half siblings, or not related based on full sibling kinship index value and half sibling kinship index value. If more  siblings are tested, we compared one sibling to  every other sibling in the test, you will receive results of each sibling against every other sibling in the tests


If one of your parents participates in the test, the results of full siblings or half siblings are conclusive


Once you order your tests, we will send you a DNA collection kit which contains all the necessary material for the collection and instructions. Please sign the consent form, collect your DNA sample and send sample back to our lab.


If any sample's test fails to get valid data, we can provide you 2nd test for free. You only pay the shipping for re-collection kit


Sibling DNA Test (two siblings)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If you cancel your test before our kit is shipped. You can get 100% refund. If you cancel your test after our kit is shipped, but we have not received your collected sample, you can get 50% refund. If you cancel your test after we have received your collected sample, you can not get refund. Once we have received your sample, the sample has entered the test precedure.

  • Results of the test are issued in 1 to 3 days following the receipt of the samples at our laboratory. 

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