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When the alleged father or alleged mother of a child in question is unable to be in the test for some reasons. Testing the biological siblings of the mother or the father can help investigate the possibility of parentage.  It will greatly increase the accuracy of the Aunt/Uncle test if the mother or father of the child joins the test.


Our laboratory calculates their kinship index value based on the genetic profiles we get in our test for the alleged aunt or uncle and nephew or niece .


Kinship index value is >10, support for relationship

Kinship index value is < 0.1, no support for relationship

Kinship index value is between 0.1 and 10, inconclusive for relationship


Once you order your tests, we will send you a DNA collection kit which contains all the necessary material for the collection and instructions. Please sign the consent form, collect your DNA sample and send sample back to our lab.


If any sample's test fails to get valid data, we can provide you 2nd test for free. You only pay the shipping for re-collection kit


Aunt/Uncle DNA Test (one aunt/uncle and one niece or nephew)

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